A Premium Bloody Mary Mix

Bloody Bold Premium Bloody Mary MixBLOODY BOLD is a unique blend of the freshest, purest all-natural ingredients ... made rich and thick, so that it does not “water down” after ice and vodka have been added. There are absolutely no preservatives, artificial flavorings or additives.



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Bloody Bold Premium Cocktail Mixes

Bloody Bold Bloody Mary Mix
Liter $5.99
1/2 Gallon $9.99Margarita Mix by Bloody Bold
Liter $5.99

glassBLOODY BOLD is a premium quality Bloody Mary Mix, made with premium ingredients using a unique, proprietary manufacturing process. But don’t just take our word for it, here’s what the New York Times had to say:

“Bloody Mary mixes offer convenience and consistency, but not without compromise … I sampled eight of the prepared mixes over ice … surprisingly the best tasting mixes—especially Bloody Bold — were made with horseradish … with a sharp, clean but peppery taste and a hint of horseradish, Bloody Bold was quite good.”

Don’t take their word for it either … taste the product, we guarantee it will be the absolute best Bloody Mary Mix you’ve ever tasted. More testimonials…

The Premium Margarita  Mix

A unique blend of fresh, all-natural ingredients are found in our new Margarita mixer. A fresh citrus flavor rolls off the palate into a smooth sweet and tangy finish.  No high fructose corn sweeteners or preservatives are used when formulating Bloody Bold.  Fresh and clean in taste, our new margarita is a must try. Compare versus competitors ingredients and give it a try, you won’t be disappointed.

AWESOME Bloody Mary Recipes!

It's awesome! For a great tasting Bloody Mary simply shake or stir BLOODY BOLD briskly with your favorite vodka, using a ratio of four or five parts to one.

BLOODY BOLD also makes a delicious non-alchoholic drink. Just pour it over ice and garnish with a stick of celery and a big shrimp. More recipes...


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